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    Mukta Vati Reviews and Testimonials

    Cindy from Mississippi, USA

    Thanks for sending my order for Mukti Vadi so soon! I along with my daughter are having terrific results with Mukti Vadi! We started taking it with readings of 180/93 and as of today our reading was 117/69!!!

    At the beginning we did have the sinus issues, but we stuck it out and kept taking it and we no longer have any problem. Thanks for a wonderful product!!

    Cindy sent from my iPhone

    Karen from Kansas, USA

    My name is Karen and I am 63 years old. I have battled for years with high blood pressure, typically 185/114. I have been on lots of meds but all I got was horrible side effects and had to get off. Then Doctor wanted me to try 3 - 4 meds all at same time!! No way!!!

    I finally gave up and decided to exercise and eat better. I have always eaten pretty good - don't like salt, but still added more vegetables-fruit - etc. My BP would go down some but not near enough.

    Then I stumbled upon Mukta Vati and thought "here I go again, spending money and hoping it worked but knew it wouldn't probably."

    WAS I WRONG!!!!!

    I have been on Mukta Vati almost one week and I am shocked!!! My blood pressure is 143/78 and pulse is 68!!!!!! I almost fell over!!! I still need to get my top number down some but my gosh---I did not expect it to work!!!!

    I have had no side effects -- actually, it helps my anxiety -- which is more than what meds do for me!!!!

    I am so thrilled that I want EVERYBODY who have high blood pressure to get to know this product !!! Let's get busy and spread the word!!!!

    Karen in Kansas
    Sent from my iPhone

    Jerry from Texas, USA

    I was actually taking Mukta Vati regularly for quite some time to help with blood pressure. I also take prescription meds for BP.

    About four months ago my doctor said she couldn't prescribe BP meds for me any more because my BP was 106/68.

    After that I stopped taking Mukta Vati for a while because I ran out of it. Without Mukta Vati, I went back to dr office and found my BP to be 145/95 even though I was still taking BP prescription meds during that whole period of time. The prescription meds really did not help.

    I'm excited to get Mukta Vati again and I hope and pray I'm never without it again! And you can quote me on that! I told my sister about Mukta Vati and you should have an order from her.

    God bless,


    Diane from Tennessee, USA

    When my husband, Larry, took a CDL physical about 12 years ago, he was told that his blood pressure was elevated. The doctor wrote a prescription for medication, but I wouldn't let him fill it!

    I started doing research and gave him calcium capsules and garlic capsules. His blood pressure came down in three weeks and he passed his physical. His blood pressure was not extremely high...just elevated about 12 points.

    I kept reading and researching, and finally found Mukta Vati and ordered it. It's kept his blood pressure normal, much to his doctor's chagrin, and he's never been on blood pressure medication.

    I've told others about Mukta Vati and I know of four who have had great success with it, too.

    We thank you for a great product and for helping us realize our goal of staying off from toxic chemical compounds!

    Pete from Pennsylvania, USA

    I'm 74 years old, and have been fighting high blood pressure all my life (since I was 10). My normal was 180-220/100-120. Nothing and I mean nothing, worked.

    Someone recommended Mukta Vati to me about 2 years ago and I'm taking 1 tablet twice a day. My blood pressure is currently running 140-150/80-90. If I take an extra tablet each day it will drop lower, but I'm very happy with my current readings and so is my dr.

    Thanks again for helping me out with what I thought was an unmanageable problem. I've also gotten 2 friends on Mukta Vati and it's done the same for them.

    Walter from Canada

    Greetings from Canada: I just wanted you to know that Iíve tried a number of products to reduce my bp, and Ivyís Mukta Vati is the only one that really works!!!!

    I even thought I could order Mukta Vati straight from India for cheap, but I ended up with a scratchy throat!!! And other products claim to do the trick, but even though theyíre more expensive, they just donít work like Ivyís Mukta Vati.

    Iím recommending it to my friends. Walter

    Brigitte from Luxembourg Europe

    Mukta Vati is really working for me in keeping my blood pressure down. The conventional medication I had was having many side-effects, so I was looking for alternatives. As I am interested in Ayurveda, I searched and came across your webpage, and I am very happy about the product and the service. Thank you again, Brigitte

    Theresa from Michigan, USA

    I am so grateful for the Ivy Mukta Vati. In January of this year, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 150/90. He told me to use a monitor for two weeks and come back. When I came back, it was the same, still that high, so he planed to put me on blood pressure medication.

    In that two weeks, I did a lot of research about lifestyle, diet, and herbs, and found that many mentioned Mukta Vati. So, I bought some Divya Mukta Vati, which I found to be less expensive. At the two week checkup, I told my doctor that I wanted to try it. He gave me two more weeks on the Mukta Vati. When I returned, my blood pressure had dropped to 120/70 and he couldn't believe it. He advised me to stay on the herb, and I didn't need to take blood pressure medications as do my two sisters.

    Well, about two months into the Divya Mukta Vati, I had begun a new box after a reorder, and suddenly my blood pressure skyrocketed again. I was so dismayed!

    After some research, I saw mentions by people in forums online that they believed the Ivy brand of Mukta Vati to be superior, so I bought some Ivy's to try. Within a week, my blood pressure was well controlled again. I have not gone back.

    Thank you for making available to me a stable, high-quality product that helps my health and spares me of the undesirable consequences of taking pharmaceutical meds!

    All my best, Theresa

    Jo Ann from Pennsylvania, USA

    Thank YOU!!!! My high blood pressure is under control for a couple of years now since taking this supplement....... thanks a lot!!!!! Sincerely, Jo Ann

    Heather from Virginia, USA

    I have been using your product of Ivey's Mukta Vati for about a month now and I have seen a great improvement in my blood pressure readings. It has come down from readings of 150 / 95 to now 119 over 75 on most days now. I just want to say thank you for your product and I am trying to spread the word. Thank you.

    Jane from Pennsylvania, USA

    I have a lot of friends and family on your mukta vati and they are just so happy with their results versus going on meds.

    Just want to pass this on to you in case you want to put a note somewhere for people with spiking blood pressure in the morning. Please let them know that they do need to take Mukta vati at night.

    Bennie from Michigan, USA

    Mukta Vati has helped to stabilize my blood pressure for about year and a half now. I have not taken the prescribed medication for the same period of time. I prefer a more natural product to drug medication. I really like the results from Mukta Vati.

    Pauline from Delaware, USA

    I am just amazed and grateful for your product Mukta Vati. I have been taking them for about 3 months now and my BP is almost down to the normal range. I am sharing this with friends on Facebook along with word of mouth recommendations. No one should suffer the miserable side-effects of prescription poisons when this product is so easily available. Not to mention the cost compared with prescriptions. Mukta Vati! ROCK!!! Sent from my iPad

    Tom from Oregon, USA

    A while ago in April I went in to see a urgent care doctor for what I believed to be Strep Throat. I was correct. What the doctor was more concerned about, however, was my blood pressure being high (166-98). I went through a battery of tests and he wanted me to obtain meds from a physician (I haven't seen a doctor prior to this in more than 20 years).

    I researched and thought I would give Mukta Vati a try. I did alter my life style somewhat (cut out, and now just down on salt). Nothing else. Most days my blood pressure now is below normal. A high day is 125-85 but on average it is around 115-70. Perfectly normal and I believe Mukta Vati has more to do with this than anything else. Keep up the great work!

    Rachel from Pennsylvania, USA

    A year and a half ago I had sudden acute, end-stage kidney failure, with only 12% function left, I nearly died and they wanted to put me on dialysis. I really did not consider this for many reasons, one being the cost is about $65,000 yearly to do this.

    Since I am a Master Herbalist I went natural, changed my diet and added supplements and slowly began to regain strength and kidney function. At the best - last March I was 18%. That is improvement but not as much as I hoped.

    One of the main things that has been troubling me is seriously high blood pressure. To my chagrin I was put on drugs, lots of them to control this. I needed them - without them I would have died. But I was determined to get off them.

    Slowly I cut back on some of the drugs, but I had reached a place where I was stuck. Then I found Mukta Vita.

    I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and have been able to cut back on my meds a bit. My hope is that with continued use I will be able to, who knows, maybe eliminate all the drugs. But I know that it is helping me and I would love to be able to write and tell others what this product has done.

    My life has been spent teaching others how to live naturally - and perhaps this kidney failure has come to me so that I can be a voice in helping others to heal from this ever increasing disease. Blessings, Rachel

    Terri from South Dakota, USA

    I am a nurse practitioner specializing in alternative care for the Navajo Nation. I researched on the internet regarding controlling hypertension, which is something I, and many of my patients, have sought a natural remedy for.

    I tried the Mukta Vati and received excellent results. My blood pressure was reduced within one week when taken as directed, from 190/103, down to desirable results of 124/78 :)

    YOU HAVE TAKEN SUCH GOOD CARE OF ME!! The M.V. came quickly after the order! Thank you SOOOO much!

    Alan from Pennsylvania, USA

    Hello, and thank you for your kind words. The Mukta Vati is for two of my patients who, at the time of this order, are eating "S.A.D." (the acronym for standard American diet). Mukta-Vati is still the all time champ in knocking out the high blood pressure before too many rounds have passed (metaphorically speaking).

    In my Jordan Matthew Wellness Center, I educate the patient in better food choices and in conjunction with my specific Iodine Supplementation protocol, named after my late son. I am able to show the patient how to heal themselves and return to their God-given right to wellness.

    What has happened that exceeded my dream is that now 16 M.D., D.O., D.M.D., and D.D.S. doctors are using the protocol I created and further, bit by bit, they are integrating this into their practice.

    I appreciate the warmth and support you have shown me through the past years. May you be blessed with the best of health always!

    Alan Inselberg, CCN  (phone number: 215-813-6019)
    Jordan Matthew Wellness Center
    1206 Goodman Drive
    Fort Washington, PA 19034

    Laurie from Minnesota, USA

    I am so lucky to have found this product that you offer! I have already told 5 people, and 2 of whom have ordered the Mukta Vati! My bp had been anywhere from 140/90 to 155/100 in last year, 4 days ago the nurse measured my bp, and it was 124/82! After just a week of taking the stuff! Thank you!

    Kathryn from Georgia, USA

    With Mukta Vati, my blood pressure issues have so greatly improved that I can't believe it. It's so naturally interactive with my system that my heart palpitations are gone, my sleep relaxation is working, and I generally feel better overall. My last blood pressure testing was 126/89 - far lower than measurements over past 2 years of 165/90. This is a sweet answer to my prayer of healing from our Lord's heaven and Right Hand.

    Walter from Ontario, Canada

    I am very delighted at the success that Mukta Vati has had on lowering my bp.

    It has been quite high for a number of years, and I've tried many different types of drugs, betablockers, etc. to lower the bp. The bp lowered all right, but the side effects were horrible. The insomnia was wicked, and the last drug I was on almost made it impossible to walk normally.

    When I stumbled upon Mukta Vati on the internet, I thought, great!!! Something natural. I took 5 a day for a week, reducing to 4 a day for a month, and now I'm on two a day, first thing in the morning. I'm sleeping better, and don't need as many sleep aids. Everyone with high bp needs to be on this, and not the pharmaceuticals which are so harmful to the body. Thanks for providing this product.

    Annie from New York, USA

    My mom and I have seen great improvements in our blood pressure since taking Mukta Vati. After ten years of high blood pressure (140/90 - 160/90), within a couple weeks of taking Mukta Vati, the reading at my annual physical was 120/80. My numbers are now consistently better than 120/80. I only take supplements, no medications. I started taking 4 Mukta Vati a day; I now take 2 per week for maintenance.

    My Mom's pressure was as high as 200/90. After getting very sick from blood pressure medication with no improvements in her numbers, she switched to supplements and Mukta Vati, and now her readings range from 135/70 - 140/77. She takes 6 Mukta Vati per day.

    We also exercise and have healthy diets. Thank you for providing this product.

    Regards, Annie

    Dave from Florida, USA

    I'm good at taking Mukta Vati in the morning and it's lowered my blood pressure and eye pressure, and made me more relaxed.

    Dave from Florida, USA

    I've been taking Mukta Vati for 5 months now and I went to my eye Dr. recently for my annual check-up. The pressure in my eye's dropped from 21 to 16 which is a significant decline. For years I've been in the 21 range. The only explanation must be the Mukta Vati. Thank You for your good service. Dave

    Rick from Pennsylvania, USA

    Thanks for shipping so fast.

    I have Type 1 diabetes (32 years) and high blood pressure, am thin and very active. I've been on Ace inhibitor for many years for my BP and it also protects my kidneys. My BP went up in January to 150's over 90's and my doctor started me on a diuretic. It helped but my BP's were erratic and he doubled the dosage of it. The heavy drug made me feel terrible physically, I had no energy , and had trouble swimming like I normally do.

    I read about Mukta Vati and thought to give it a try. I started feeling better right away but I didn't check my BP for 4 days. When I checked it then, it had fallen to low 130's over low 80's. I take one tablet in the morning before breakfast and one at dinner. I cut the diuretic in half about 2 months ago and tried cutting it out completely 2 weeks ago. But after about 5 days without it, I noticed my BP creep back up. I feel good where I'm at right now, and I think I'll eventually be able to wean myself off from the diuretic. I wouldn't want to reduce the ACE inhibitor because of its kidney protecting effects.

    I have a feeling that my BP falling is a result of many things: my physical activity (swimming, biking) and Mukta Vati. As I said, I felt physically better soon after I started taking Mukta Vati and that gave me the energy to continue the swimming.

    Jo Ann from Pennsylvania, USA

    I have been taking Mukta Vati for approximately a year now and feel just great.....Even my High Blood Pressure has returned to normal, also may be due to the fact that I retired after 36 1/2 years working for a Phone company ....so much stress and pressure to produce.

    Anyway, I am taking this Mukta Vati supplement (2 tablets) in the morning with lots of cold water......have a light breakfast of yogurt of cereal or fiber toast.....light lunch, then 2 more tablets before I eat dinner.....I am feeling very good......I think it is even helping my anxiety. I have even lost a few pounds over this past year...many many thanks for getting me on track with my health!!! Cudos to you and your product!!! Very thankfully,   Jo Ann

    Carol from Pennsylvania, USA

    Mom has been taking one Mukta Vati ea. day since one month ago. She measures her BP twice a day. Her numbers have been gorgeous thanks to the Mukta Vati. I am so happy. I can't thank you enough. I am telling everyone about it.

    P.S. I have noticed that my 81 y.o. mom has been in a better mood since taking it! I'm so glad I found your product. I had found you when I googled lifeextension.org AND hypertension; people had raved about your Mukta Vati in the blog.

    Blake from Colorado, USA

    Thanks so much--this has brought blood pressure down about 20 points already with the first two bottles ordered previously, which are not quite finished yet!

    Julie from California, USA

    My acupuncturist introduced me to your Mukta Vati. Since then, both my husband and I have been taking it and have had successful results. We are both massage therapists, and we believe in natural healing. Thank you!

    Randy from California, USA

    Just want to say Than You! I ordered on Friday the 18th, and today, Monday the 21st, I received my package.  Thank you!

    David from Florida, USA

    I'm having very good success with how I feel and my blood pressure. Thank You!

    Maggie from Montana, USA

    I started taking Mukta Vati 6 months ago. I have had high blood pressure most of my life. I stopped taking prescription medicine years ago because of the side affects. My acupuncturist was giving me herbs that worked a little.

    When I found your web site I admit that I was a little nervous about buying something online, but thought I'd try it ...it couldn't be any worse than suffering with high blood pressure that I know is dangerous to say the least. I ordered and took 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening . I noticed a difference in one week. In a month my blood pressure was down to 120/80 regularly, then it started to drop to one hundred teens / 70 and I decided to cut down to 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, now I am staying right at 120/80 sometimes even less.

    I truly thank-you so very much for this product! When I first read your home page about sleeping better at night I thought that was the silliest thing I had ever heard (even tho, I was not sleeping very well.) Well, in just a week and for the last 6 months I have not had one sleepless night!

    I have told my sister and my brother, who both are on blood pressure prescriptions, about Mukta Vati. Thank you so much!

    Mike from California, USA

    I'm so glad to have located your company and have told many friends about Mukta Vati. You are very special people. My thanks so much,

    Lela from North Carolina, USA

    I just want to say thank you for your quick shipment. (I received it within 4 days). I still haven't received my order (Mukta Vati) from the seller in India as of yet, and I placed that order on Sep. 3rd. (That was more than one month ago). You guys are awesome! Again, Thank you, Thank you.

    Kay from Texas, USA

    I have been taking Mukta Vati for 8 years now, it has kept my blood pressure well under control without any side effects. It literally saved my life. My blood pressure was extremely high (200/180).

    The side effects from regular blood pressure medication were more than I could handle. I thought there must be a better resolution. That's when I found Mukta Vati after an Internet search. I have convinced 5 other people (I don't push herbal remedies) to try Mukta Vati and they have had great results.

    Sandeep from Saskatchewan, Canada

    I had recently ordered 6 bottles of Mukta Vati. Happy to report that the BP has dropped from 150/100 range to 135/88 range in about a month. I take 2 tabs twice a day. I have not been able to take them on empty stomach, so have been taking them with meals .. seems to work. There is still some fluctuation through out the day, but the peaks are lower and the range has shifted down, the pulse is also lower and I sleep well and headaches have diminished.

    Thank you very much for carrying and distributing this product. You are doing a great service.

    Kellie from Pennsylvania, USA

    Writing to say I'm SO pleased w/ this product. I've tried various natural supplements in an effort to lower my BP, but met w/ no success. I then had to concede to the traditional meds and endure the side effects, yuck.

    It's been about three years since I've been taking the meds but recently my holistic doctor suggested I try Mukta Vati as my BP was starting to creep up again after my cardiologist tried to lower my meds. I was originally hesitant to try Mukta Vati because of the lack of success w/ other supplements, but I did not like the idea of my meds being increased again, so I took a chance.

    I'm happy to say I've met w/ success this time and have begun the process of working w/ my cardiologist to lower my meds even more, w/ the hope that I might be off of them sometime soon. YIPPEE!!!

    Thanks so much for getting this product out there - one at a reasonable price and most importantly, one THAT WORKS!

    Allison from New Brunswick, Canada

    My wife and I are very pleased with the results of taking Mukta Vati. My wife's blood pressure has dropped significantly to the point where she has been able to discontinue her previous medication. I can also report similar results. Thank You!

    Michael from California, USA

    I am an old standing customer who believes in you and your products. I was one of those first US customers to spread the news about Mukta Vati. As good therapy, I take one Mukta Vati daily. You know, I just had an Echocardiogram,. my doctor told me my heart is normal and I don't have any evidence of HBP. I attribute some of that to Mukta Vati, an amazing concoction of those 8 herbs. What a blessing! My organic eating habits, good state of mind and eating habits are the other components contributing to my good BP.

    James from Texas, USA

    When I started Mukta Vati, I was very skeptical. I was taking the maximum dosage of 4 different medications to control my blood pressure. I quit taking 3 of the 4 meds and I started out taking 2 tablets of Mukta Vati, 3 times a day. I was amazed that my blood pressure was remaining normal. That was several years ago and my blood pressure is still under control.

    I am currently taking 1 tb of Mukta Vati twice a day!!! Thanks for such an awesome product.

    Shelton from Nevada, USA

    I just wanted to say Thank You for providing the Mukta Vati. I want to thank the Lord for helping me find your website. It took a few days like everyone said to notice the drop in my bp numbers. I immediately stopped taking the ace inhibitor/diuretic that I've been using. Actually, my nausea and side effects were so bad with the doctor-prescribed medicine that I only took half a pill once or twice a week instead of daily. The Mukta Vati has gotten me down to an average of 125/85 from 145/105. I am so happy to be taking natural herbs vs. the synthetic medicine which I did not want to take. I have told my sister about it and hopefully she will try it also. Thank you!

    El from Pennsylvania, USA

    My doctor recommended Mukta Vati and I was able to go off my prescription blood pressure medication :) I take one in the morning and another one at night. Am really wishing to be able to reduce this even further, having been on it for well over a year. I am happy with the product! Thank you! El

    Pam from Alabama, USA

    I wanted to write and thank you for your prompt response to my order. My husband takes mukta Vati to control his blood pressure, before we discovered your product he was on blood pressure medication from the doctor. Since taking Mukta Vati his blood pressure is perfect without having to take medication.

    I am really writing to thank you. I was running late placing my order because my husband had only a few doses left and I placed my order late on Friday night and I received my order Tuesday morning. That was really only one business day, that was incredible. My husband never missed a dose. We tell everyone we know that has a problem with high blood pressure about this product and your company. Thank you again, Pam

    Linda from Massachusetts, USA

    This has been the most incredible supplement I've ever taken. I've been on blood pressure medication for over 14 years. Within 3 days of taking Mukta Vati, my blood pressure dropped 40 points. Within one month I was able to come off of the medication and my blood pressure was 112/74. Thanks so much for this wonderful product.

    Mark from New Mexico, USA

    Mukta Vati has proven to be very beneficial for me. I've always had a low income so I have rarely had insurance let alone been able to afford doctor visits on my own. About 4 years ago my older brother died of colon/pancreatic cancer at the age of 40. His death made me even more concerned with my own health. I've been somewhat overweight most of my adult life, 235 at my peak.

    In the items I received from his estate was a wrist cuff BP monitor. Well once I had the wrist cuff, I began to monitor my blood pressure and found it to be getting quite high, as much as 150/100. I began looking online for information about hypertension and alternative treatments for it. I came across several forum entries where people were talking about an Ayurvedic medicine called Mukta Vati. It sounded too good to be true but I ordered a few bottles to start with. I couldn't believe how well it worked.

    I started with the dosage recommended in the forums at 2 tablets twice a day but my BP was still kind of high after 3 days so I increased the dosage to 2 tablets 3 times a day. In less than a week's time, my BP had dropped to just over 120/80.

    I felt this was a safe enough level to start exercising regularly, which allowed me to eventually drop the dosage back to twice a day and keeps my BP under 120/80. Over the last year I have been exercising on an almost daily basis and lost 50 lbs. I still want to lose another 20.

    I've tried other formulations of Mukta Vati but they don't work as well for me. Ivy's Mukta Vati is the best. Thank you for making this available in the U.S.

    Mark from Illinois, USA

    As always, a big thanks for keeping me off prescription blood pressure pills!

    Debbie from California, USA

    I have been using Mukta Vati for some time now and LOVE it! Even my western trained doctors don't try to talk me out of using it because they recognize that it is working!!! My blood pressure is always good, thanks to Mukta Vati! I have friends that are now using it and loving it as well! I trust your company. I must say I'm thoroughly excited because of the 2 great products (Mukta Vati and Vitalzym) that I am now using from your company!

    Kenneth from Virginia, USA

    This is a wonderful product that helps my BP stay w/in normal limits in addition to helping me relax and sleep better. Thank you for this product, and the quick and reliable shipment. Yours truly, Kenneth

    Pat from Tennessee, USA

    I love Mukta Vati. Two of my best friends take it, too, and none of us need to be on BP meds any more. For years, I've been drinking the powdered version of Green Tea (300 mgs) with excellent results; that alone dropped my BP 39 points. Now, after learning about Mukta Vati, and to keep level, I take one tablet a day. Results: BP is never higher than 100 - 112 Systolic...even during stress. I'm a believer...two docs have asked for the name as well

    Linda from Ohio, USA

    I am pleased to say that after less than a month on Mukta Vati, my blood pressure has dropped more than 20 points. What an amazing product. Thank You! Linda

    Carlene from California, USA

    I want to thank you for providing this at a most reasonable price. Both my husband and I take the product and have found nothing to compete with the results. We have been taking this for at least 6-7 years now. Drs are always pleased with the blood pressure. Interestingly they never comment on the fact we take supplements for blood pressure although I have stressed several times we use mukta vati . Thanks again! Carlene

    Jean Marie from British Columbia, Canada

    Thank you for your response to the mailing of my Mukta Vati order. I put my sister's US address as the shipping address rather than having it mailed to Canada because this way I am saving the mailing fee.

    I recommended the product to her when I was with her in August. She loves it, but was concerned that it did not work too well with just one in the morning and one at night, so I told her to take two in the morning and two at night and it has made a big difference.

    I love the product as well, I think this is my third order so have been taking it for sometime. My blood pressure stays where I want it and if I experience stress for a couple of days I take an extra one. One in the am and one before bed, seems to maintain optimal blood pressure. Peace, Jean Marie

    Rolando from Texas, USA

    You sell an excellent product, I'm very happy with this.

    Shelly from Iowa, USA

    I thank God for your product. It has reduced my blood pressure back to normal readings within a week of taking this amazing product. I have recommended Mukta Vati to anyone who shares with me that they have high blood pressure. It has also lowered their bp to normal readings also. I also have been able to lower my Mukta Vati dosage after just about 2 months.

    Again thank you for importing mukta vati! I will keep on sharing this discovery with those who have hbp. God Bless you!

    Mary from Murcia, Spain

    I suffer from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome) quite badly and have just had a very bad time of it. I caught the flu and that set the M.E. off. In desperation my husband gave me some of his Mukta Vati because he read the web site and saw that it helped other symptoms as well.

    The difference is magic, I can walk around - albeit slowly and the brain fog has gone. I feel wonderful and will now make sure I always have a good stock of Mukta Vati because it is the only thing that helps.

    Thank you so much for such a good product!

    Light and Love


    Steve from South Dakota, USA

    Hi, I'm writing for my wife, Chris. Chris a few years ago was going on high blood pressure pills. That didn't go very well with her as there were side effects. She studied all the different herbs out there and discovered Mukta Vati and decided to give it a try. She decided to stop the blood pressure pills and just go with Mukta Vati and was amazed at the results.
    She has told many people about the product and suggested the health food store to get it in. They did, and she was getting it from them until their cost gets too high.

    Your product has been wonderful for her and her family who have all struggled with this problem. Thanks! Steve

    Delores from Alabama, USA

    Just wanted to thank you for your product Mukta Vati. A friend recommended it to me because my blood pressure had gone so high that I had to begin taking BP medication. I ordered Mukta Vati and after a short time had to cut back on my medication and after 6 weeks had to discontinue the meds altogether.

    My blood pressure now averages 120/70. I feel good and don't mind applying my co-pay of $50 a month for the meds toward Mukta Vati purchase and still coming out a winner in saving.

    Thank you again for your product Mukta Vati.

    James from Texas, USA

    This product is awesome. It has taken the place of three prescriptions for my blood pressure. I am currently on 4 tablets of Mukta Vati per day. It is working better than anything I have ever tried before. Feel free to use any email I send you. This product works too well to keep it a secret!

    Terry from Iowa, USA

    My hbp started 5 years ago. Heart pounding, fluttering and always tired. I started on a hbp medication at that time. I'd increased it to 150mg per day, but experienced some unpleasant side effects.

    I started Mukta Vati slowly with two per day while still on the med @150mg. I dropped the med to 100mg after two weeks, then dropped it again to 50mg per day while increasing Mukta Vati to one in the morning and two in the evening.

    People in my office and that of my wife's have started taking Mukta Vati as well, hence my recent order of 10 bottles at a time. I pass them along at the $16.50 amount (that was 2007 then). The local health store charges $40.00 a bottle for Mukta Vati, so your web-site is a savior for all of us. Thank you. Terry

    * Update (one year later): I actually have to thank the shortage of your stock. I didn't want to go to those other web-sites as referred by you, so I reduced my dosage to stretch out what supply I had. No problem with the blood pressure at all. I was thinking about reducing the dose, so this just got me to do it. I had stopped my med, Txxxl, about a year ago and went to a dosage of two Mukta Vati in the a.m. and two in the p.m. I then dropped back to one in the evening, while staying with two in the morning, last spring. Now I'm at One and One. Thanks to the shortage of your stock. Terry

    Mardy from Washington, USA

    You guys provide exceptional services! Thank you for taking such good care of us! God bless you! Mardy

    Thalia from Texas, USA

    I am so grateful to have found this! It's my second order and it's the ONLY thing that has worked, and believe me, I had tried everything natural. Rx!

    My BP had been in the 180's over 110's for 3 years and I'd tried every conventional herbal/mineral/vitamin supplement and also taken 3 prescriptions at maximum dosage for a month each -- all with NO good results. I basically gave up and then learned about your product and began taking it. It took a month or so to see it lowering...and within two months of steady use, it's now in the 140's over high 80's and low 90's. I'm thrilled.

    Kelly from Florida, USA

    God bless you guys! You are more than welcome to use my testimonial, let me give you more details.

    About 4 years ago I found out that my blood pressure was very high 200/120. I started to exercise and eat mostly organic foods. I lost 25lbs and my blood pressure did come down but was still very high 160-170 over 90. I have tried all kinds of natural supplements for high blood pressure and had very little luck with any of them until I tried the Mukta Vati.

    I have been taking the Mukta Vati now for a little over a year and my blood pressure is consistently in normal range.

    The other amazing thing about the Mukta Vati is that it has taken away my migraine headaches that I have suffered with my whole life.

    I would recommend Mukta Vati for anyone that suffers from high blood pressure or migraine headaches. There are absolutely no side effects! Kelly

    Gary from California, USA

    In 1990 I was told my B.P. was not good and I needed medication to correct it. My B. P. was 150 - 176 over 90 - 110. This was for a man who did hard physical labor as a timber faller for over 20 yrs at that time.

    For years it stayed about 135 - 145 over 90 - 97. My wife was very unhappy with this and was always looking for a natural way to get it under control. She found your website and make me read the information about your product - Mukta Vati. Reluctantly I decided to order a 1 month supply. I followed the easy dosage instructions and by the end of the third week, I was consistently getting readings of 127 -121 over 77 - 70. Also I have had problems sleeping before, and that also is getting better.

    I am 63 yrs old and the sex life between me and my wife is something that has improved also. Thank you. Sincerely, Gary.

    Dorothy from Alberta, Canada

    I wish to reorder Mukta Vati and add SierraSil Joint Formula. I have found that I have had and maintain amazing results with Mukta Vati.

    I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 2 years ago. I thought I could control it just with nutrition, and meditation. Wrong!! My M.D. prescribed Dxxxn. What a mistake that was. I had immediate undesirable physical symptoms, but gave it a one week trial anyway. I stopped at the end of that week.

    My dr. told me I was simply making a mistake by stopping the meds. I decided I'd take my chances with life and employ my own intuitive tendencies which have always prompted me to look for alternatives. Being a creative, artistic philosophical & spiritual individual, and having read books by and attended lectures of Dr. Deepak Chopra, I follow my own inner promptings, knowing that the higher self of me will lead me to the right path.

    So, I took instant note when I came upon your web site on Ivy's Mukta Vati. Dr. Chopra often refers to Ayurvedic medicine. I actually "knew" at that moment that this was "it" that I was seeking.

    I ordered it in March, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Thank you so much for your amazing products. May God bless your company, all staffs, and all of us on both sides of our country border! Dorothy

    An update 6 months later: I wish to reorder 10 bottles of Mukta Vati Please. This product has made and continues to keep my formerly very high blood pressure in the normal range. I am so grateful for this little miracle in a tiny brown tablet.

    Bonnie from Michigan, USA

    Thank you so much for assisting me. By the way, I believe your product is unbeatable. It has kept my blood pressure normal for over a year now. God Bless You. Bonnie

    Annie from Massachusetts, USA

    I have been on prescription HBP meds for years with terrible side affects. Beta blockers caused severe hair loss. And the meds were not controlling my BP. I demanded something else from my doctor and was put on lxxxl. My hair grew back but I developed a cough so sever that I lost my voice and had to go to a throat specialist that put me on 6 weeks on voice rest. During these 6 weeks I tried Mukta Vati and began to cut back on the lxxxl, from 20 mg to 10 to 5.

    I have been completely off lxxxl for two weeks now and only taking Mukta Vati. My BP has never been this good. When I was on Rx meds, I would be lucky to be 130/90 at rest. Often my BP would be 145/100, and that was on Rx meds. After taking Mukta Vati, I now am 117/70 at rest and 110/75 to 80 normally.

    I have been taking 2 Mukta Vati 1 hour before breakfast and 1 hour before supper. I will see if I can slowly cut back and still keep my BP at a normal range. But it feels so much better being on something natural. Thank you. Annie from MA

    Gene from Invermere BC, Canada

    Last Feb. I ordered 6 bottles of Mukta Vati from you and I am pleased to say it seems to be working for me. Even though I have not be vigilant enough with my diet, my BP is stable and I am feeling great ! Thanks for a great product! Gene.

    Nick from Florida, USA

    Mukta Vati has dropped my BP by 10-15 systolic and diastolic. This stuff is amazing. One thing I've noticed is that my bp tends to stay put now even under stress, in the past it was all over the map.

    Mike from Arkansas, USA

    This is the best product I have ever seen. I went into this skeptical, and came away convinced. It took a buddy of mine 4 days to get his blood pressure to normal. It took me 6.

    My pressure has been 190/130. My doctor put me on meds 3 weeks ago. I stopped taking them after a week and started using Mukta Vati. I went back today to see the doctor and my blood pressure was normal. He was glad the meds were doing their job until I told him about Mukta Vita. He didn't like it. I say tough Do-Do, its my body not his.

    I haven't seen anyone yet it hasn't helped. You will see a lot more orders from me and people I talk with from Arkansas. Thanks! Mike.

    Jerry from Oklahoma, USA

    I am so pleased to have found Mukta Vati!! My friend was sent a bottle of Mukta Vati by her niece because she was having trouble finding a blood pressure medication that worked. She used the sent Mukta Vati and it worked great!

    My friend has no computer so she asked me to order her some more. Which I did. In the meantime my wife was diagnosed with high blood pressure. So I ordered her some Mukta Vati. It worked great for her also. So my friend's niece, my friend, and my wife all have had great results. If that's not proof of positive, I don't know what would be! Your Okie friends, Jerry.

    Kay from Ohio, USA

    Thank you for your email notice, the shipment arrived today. I've been using Mukta Vati for several months. My physician suggested I try it and it has worked for me, but his supply ran out and he did not have any when I needed more. I got a bottle from his office yesterday. In 24 hours my blood pressure is again coming down from retaking Mukta Vati and it has been about two weeks since my last dose of it previously. You'll be getting more orders from me in the future.

    Jennifer from Colorado, USA

    I started with 1/2 tablet of Mukta Vati AM and PM, and just stuck with that dose for several days, then gradually increasing it to one tablet AM and PM. I continued my other prescription blood pressure medications like usual, and I took my reading every day. Then I increased Mukta Vati to 2 tablets AM, and 1 tablet PM and saw my readings go lower and lower. I then stopped my PM prescription BP medication.

    This is where I am at now, my readings are staying anywhere from 107-125 systolic/84-74 diastolic. These are practically unheard of for me; plus I feel calmer, less anxious, and am sleeping better with good dream sleep. I never experienced this with the prescription BP medication, so this is quite amazing.

    I will be in touch soon to place a re-order, and to let my doctor know that the Ayurvedic herbs have done wonders for my blood pressure. Thank you, thank you! I am so pleased that I was led to your web site via The People's Pharmacy website.

    Guy from Maryland, USA

    I am 59 years old and have had fluctuating high blood pressure for at least 10 years. I have opted not to take blood pressure medications due to the side effects associated with them, especially after prolonged usage. I prefer natural remedies over allopathic medications and do extensive research to determine treatment options. I worked in the medical field for some time, and am somewhat leery regarding the practice of prescription medications for every condition or discomfort. So, when I discovered Mukta Vati, I was intrigued and decided to try it. I am so glad that I did.

    Within a week and a half to 2 weeks, my blood pressure dropped from 170s/medium high 80s to 130/70 and has remained stabilized. As a plus, I am calmer and more relaxed due to feeling that my blood pressure is under control with a natural medicine (with no side effects) rather than a prescription drug with severe and possibly debilitating long-term side effects.

    I highly recommend that anyone with blood pressure problems read about Mukta Vati and give it a try if they feel that it is the right decision. For me, it has been, and I am very pleased with how rapidly I achieved results and how the benefit (normal blood pressure readings) continues.

    As I said, the knowledge that the problem is under control through natural means has given me the added bonus of being more relaxed and in control of my own health. I will continue to learn more about Ayurvedic medicine and will continue to rely on herbs2healyou.com for the source of Mukta Vati. A 2-month supply costs less than $50, and the results are very quick. Thank you, herb s2healyou. Please feel free to use this testimonial as you see fit. Sincerely, Guy

    Eli from New York, USA

    I wanted to thank you for sharing Mukta Vati with me. After about 2 1/2 weeks, my morning blood pressure has dropped from 150/90 to about 135/82. Sometimes, it has even been lower. It's such a relief to finally find something that works.

    I continue to use 2 tabs 3 times a day until I consistently get normal blood pressures. I have cut my medication in half and hope to reduce it further.

    It's been such a relief to finally be able to have some power over my blood pressure. I had tried everything for the past 4 years. Everything from prescribed medicines to herbal supplements. Nothing has made a difference until Mukta Vati.

    I must add that I exercise regularly, have also lost about 15 pounds during the past 6 weeks and watch my diet. Thank you.

    Zoe from South Carolina, USA

    Just wanted you to know how Mukta Vita has helped me. I have been taking Mukta Vati for about a year and have had such positive results. I am 63 years of age and have had unstable high blood pressure since my early twenties. Since taking Mukta Vati my blood pressure is now normal, and I feel much calmer, less anxious and more centered than I have ever felt.

    I am so thankful I found this amazing herbal preparation, and would highly recommend it to anyone. I am a great believer in alternative forms of healing and have used other Ayurvedic remedies for other medical issues. Thank you. Zoe from South Carolina

    Gayle from Oregon, USA

    I wanted to say that I really love the Mukta Vati. Not only has it lowered my blood pressure in just a few weeks, but my tinnitus is better and I feel great. Thanks!

    George from Illinois, USA

    My bp was in the 160/100 range for a long time and the meds that my doc gave me was just not too helpful. After I took Mukta Vati, it went down to 130/80. When I went to the next doctor's visit, my doc was shocked and asked me "Who did you go to?" I showed him Mukta Vati, he was amazed. Thank you!"

    Barbara from USA

    I've had high blood pressure for almost 10 years. I tried Mukta Vati and within a week and a half, my blood pressure went from 170 over 110 to 148 over 89, and steadily decreasing. I would say within the next few days it will be normal. At first I was skeptical about the product, then I said to myself, what the heck, it's worth a try. I'm glad I did. Even better, there are no side effects.

    Maria from Illinois , USA

    I saw results after 3 days. Within two weeks, my blood pressure is back to normal. Plus my migraine headache never comes back. This stuff is just amazing.

    ~ John from Taiwan

    I have had 20 plus years of high blood pressure and an enlargement of my heart. I have tried so many different medications for so long that I thought I would be on medications for the rest of my life. But now my blood pressure is normal using this natural remedy, and over a period of time I have been able to gradually scale down the prescription drugs to none. This accomplishment really is beyond my wildest dream. I thank God for leading me to this life-saving precious find. "

    Ellen from USA

    I have been taking MUKTA VATI for aprox 35 days, I just noticed a lowering of my pressure in the past week, but the feeling of well being for the past 3 weeks has been amazing, even though I was diagnosed with CHF I wasn't feeling ill as the Doctors thought I should feel. I will spread the word. IT WORKS!

    Liz from Arizona, USA

    It worked great. My husband's blood pressure is down! He recommended it to two of his friends . They recently placed orders with you also. And now two more of his friends have also done that. Everyone is so excited. Thank you so much!

    Mardella from Washington, USA

    Things have been going very well with Mukta Vati. I'm very pleased! And your website is very informative and helpful. Thanks again! :) Mardella

    Cindy from Alabama, USA

    When I first started taking Mukta Vati , I only took one tablet a day and within 3 or 4 days it was in the 120/80 range. I stopped taking it for a while, my blood pressure went up. I will continue to take it. Thanks for a great product and the wonderful price that it is. It has made a believer out of me. Cindy

    Martin from Illinois, USA

    This product works miracles. THANKS!

    Jay from New Jersey, USA

    I've been taking Mukta Vati that I purchased through your site and it's been amazing. The claims are quite accurate and my BP is just great. Been telling friends about it. Thank you!

    May from Illinois, USA

    High blood pressure runs in my family. I was unable to escape the impact of the heredity.

    It all started last year when I had a lot of stress going on in my life. When I went for the physical examination, my physician told me that I had Stage One high blood pressure. I was devastated. I did not want to put drugs into my body so I went on an extensive research and tried various avenues from lifestyle change, diet, stress reduction, chelation therapy, to raw juice fasting, etc. But all efforts failed to bring my blood pressure back to normal.

    Three months later, my hypertension advanced to Stage Two. I started to experience a lot of symptoms of high blood pressure. I was exhausted and finally succumbed to the doctor's suggestion of taking hypertension medication.

    The first medication did not help much, so the doctor changed me to another medication. I started taking the drug but I never ceased to search for a natural solution.

    One day my friend send me an email with a link to a Ayurvedic herbal remedy for hypertension, called Mukta Vati,. I was doubtful at first. But I thought to myself: I have tried everything else already, why not try just one more avenue? So I ordered a bottle which arrived pretty quickly.

    I started to take 2 tablets of M.V. in the morning and another 2 in the evening. On the 3rd day I started to notice result. Within two weeks, my blood pressure went down to the normal range. It never happened with my prescription drug. I was so delighted and relieved.

    To get out of the prescription drug, I cut it into half a dose with a pill cutter.  After a few days, I cut it further into a quarter of the dose. I scaled it down gradually. In a short period of time, I was able to totally stop the medication.  I feel energetic, well, effective, and happy.   I am back to who I am.

    Six months after taking Mukta Vati, I have been able to reduce the intake.  Now I only take two tablets just once daily, and my blood pressure is in the 120/80 range, and sometimes a bit lower.

    Another amazing thing is that my 30 years of migraine headache has disappeared since I started to take Mukta Vati. 

    I am so grateful about this wonderful herbal remedy that I bought 6 bottles to send home for my two brothers who also suffer from high blood pressure. Both of them are now able to cut their prescription drugs by just taking Mukta Vati. I love my brothers so much that sending Mukta Vati to them as gifts makes me feel very happy.

    Being helped so much by this herbal remedy, I feel so grateful. I wish everyone who suffers from hypertension would know and try this great solution. You deserve to reclaim your health and well-being.  With the right kind of natural remedy, your body will heal itself.

    Barbara from Texas, USA

    I am delighted to have learned about Mukta Vati. I took myself off Cxxxr after taking it for 12 years. Before discovering Mukta Vati, I tried garlic, alfalfa and many other natural healing products; Mukta Vati seems to be working after 1 1/2 months. My current reading was 130/85, but at times it is lower.

    Tzeng Tzu from Taiwan

    I have always lived a healthy life style and eaten well, so I was surprised to find that I was having blood pressure late last year. Related to it or not, I started to have difficulty falling asleep. I also start to suffer migraine headache. At first, I did not tell anyone in my family, I thought it would go away if I started to do more exercise, eat more banana. But it wouldn't.

    Earlier this year, my blood pressure went up over 150/95 range, I got scared. Immediately I started taking hypertension medication. I also reached out to my relatives to let them know what was happening to me.

    Luckily, my brother sent me a bottle of Mukta Vati. He has started to take this Indian herbal remedy himself and has experienced excellent result. I have never taken anything made in India before, I thought to myself, what can the Indian herbal medicine do for me that the Traditional Chinese Medicine cannot?

    But because of my brother's encouragement, I put my skepticism aside and started trying it. I took two tablets in the morning and another two in the evening. Surprisingly, I blood pressure went down to the normal in two weeks. And my migraine headache has never returned to me. To my delight, I was able to gradually cut down the prescription drug. Now I am drug free, migraine free, hypertension free, all because of Mukta Vati.

    Perhaps because I started taking the remedy quite early in my disease, now I am able to take just one tablet daily and my blood pressure is in the range of 115/75 . I have been reducing my consumption on meat, and have been eating a lot of dark-color beans and vegetables. With this, I could stop taking Mukta Vati if I want to, but to prevent the dreaded migraine headache from attacking me, I rather continue Mukta Vati at a low dose.

    Lauren from Virginia , USA

    Have taken Mukta Vati for a couple of years for my blood pressure before bike riding and have had good results. No side effects at all. Thought all hbp suffers out there may want to test it out! It is an all natural herb from India. When I started taking it, it came directly from India, now they have US distributors so that shipping time is cut in half.

    I read that the med Lxxx can cause Lupus symptoms in a short time. Anyway, I was starting to have constipation and extremely dry lips. I found on a blog that someone who was taking Lxxx had also the dry lips. I just don't like the side effects of the traditional meds. By the time you know it, you would have already taken a ton of meds to counteract them all.

    Nick from California, USA

    I had researched the herb online about 6 weeks ago because I was very frustrated with the side effects of Lxxxl, hypertension medication. I work in the medical field. I reviewed numerous testimonials from people who had tried Mukta Vati claiming how well it worked for them. So, I decided to try it, and the results were very impressive. I gradually discontinued the Lxxxl and used the Mukta Vati, and noticed that my blood pressure was stabilizing without the medication, especially my diastolic which has stayed at about 75-80, almost the same as on Lxxxl, and without the side effects! So, I ordered some more Mukta Vati, and have totally stopped Lxxxl. So far, my blood pressure has remained at about 160/80 without medication...its great!

    Although there has been a recent study placing more importance on the systolic pressure, a physician I work with has indicated to me that study was financed by pharmaceutical companies to increase the usage of hypertensive medications, and the old school rule for managed high blood pressure, for the systolic pressure is your age plus 100.

    So, since I am 56..a pressure of 160/80 is good for me, and without the unpleasant side effects of medication! Also, my pulse is down, I sleep so much better at night, I am more relaxed and feel a better overall since of wellness.

    I intend to keep using Mukta Vati from now on!...Natural remedies are always better than synthetic chemicals for good health! Also, you have the best price for the herb online! Thanks again.

    Aylwin from California, USA

    Namaste! Thank you for this wonderful herbal remedy. It's brought my high blood pressure back to normal level. I feel so well now. OM SHANTI OM!

    Linda from Oregon, USA

    I recently received a shipment from your company for Mukta Vati, I have been taking it for almost a week. My blood pressure came down amazingly with this herb. I was able to go off prescription meds, one of those meds cost me $83.59 every month for the past 8 or more years. I am so happy I found this herb. I have told my sister about this. Thank you again Herbs2healyou.com for giving my life back. Sincerely, Linda

    Michael from Alabama, USA

    Just want to say Mukta Vati works well on me: 138 over 72. My bp was running 150 over 95 and 100, so thank you very much.

    Jonas from Ohio, USA

    Hello, I am being asked by many Amish to get your Mukta Vati for them. Have great results with it. Thank you.

    Faye from North Dakota, USA

    Hi, I am regard to your product for High blood pressure! I am so glad I found you. For a few years now my doctor has been on my case to take drugs. I refused as I read the side affects of these drugs. I have been on your Mukta Vati for two weeks now and have had great results. I am praising the Lord for having found something natural.

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