Dear Customers,

After having served the needs of our beloved customers for many years, our partners at Herbs2HealYou are all retiring from the business world. We have enjoyed so much of interacting with you through the web platforms, emails, slow mails, and phone calls; our lives have been filled with meaningfulness and purposefulness, and we hope that something good has been brought to you.

We understand that many of you are in need of Mukta Vati which we have not been able to carry for a while now due to difficulty in the importing process. We just want to let you know that you still can purchase Mukta Vati in Amazon from various sellers located in India. It may take longer time to arrive, but at least you still can get it. We are not affiliated with Amazon.

We grieve the loss of our wonderful experiences with you going onward. We are going to miss you and all of your heart-warming feedback that you have shared with us. We will carry you in our hearts as we journey into the rest of our lives.

May God bless you and be with you!

Herbs2HealYou Team